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Experience the captivating splendour of Northeast India during our 10-day, 9-night excursion. Every moment promises to be unforgettable, from the energetic city of Guwahati to the wild nature of Kaziranga, the cultural diversity of Shillong, and the stunning scenery of Cherrapunjee. Take in this engaging region's natural beauties and lively culture, and make lifelong memories in the process.

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Day Itineraries

Day 1

The Arrival Day At Guwahati

Over Night Stay At Guwahati

When we got off the plane at Guwahati arrival point, the sun had just started to rise above the far-off hills. Excitement filled the air, and we will sensed a sense of adventure hanging in the fresh dawn. Our personal driver will greeted us with a kind look. He would accompany us for the next 10 days and lead us through the captivating North East scenery. The vast Brahmaputra River, the historic temples, and the verdant forests that extended forever were all visible as we made our way to Guwahati. This allowed us to venture into unknown territory and fully experience Assam's abundant natural beauty and rich cultural heritage.

Day 2

Move from Guwahati to Kaziranga tour

Over night stay at kaziranga

We will leave for Kaziranga National Park early the following morning. As we drove by emerald-green tea farms, we will be struck by the size of the area around them. With its many bird species, stately elephants, and the elusive one-horned rhinoceros, Kaziranga is a wildlife paradise. we will experience an adrenaline rush as soon as we got into the park. Then will set out on an exciting jeep safari, keep a watchful eye out for any activity in the dense grass. And there will be , a majestic rhinoceros whose thick grey hide blended in well with the landscape. Silently, we can observe its grazing, completely unaware of our presence. It will be a memory to cherish.

Day 3

Kaziranga to shillong

Over night stay at Shillong

Shillong, known as the "Scotland of the East," will be our next destination as we proceed. As we will notice the cool breeze brush across over us, the route goes over hills covered in fog. we will take a break At Umiam Lake, where its beautiful waters resemble a mirror reflecting the sky and then move towards our hotel.

Day 4

A day in Shillong

Over night Stay at Shillong

We'll spend the entire day discovering Shillong's beauty. *Elephant Falls: A piece of music was produced as the water poured over the rocks. *Shillong Peak: Looking down from the top, we will see the city below in a jumble of colors and the rolling hills in front of us. *Ward's Lake: Blooming flowers dotted the placid lake. Lost in contemplation, I walked down the paths. *Lady Hyderi Park: The air was heavy with the scent of roses. *Cathedral Church: Stories of faith and resiliency were depicted in the stained glass windows. *Don Bosco Museum: The displays brought the history and culture of the Northeast to life. As the sun began to set, you will realise Shillong has won your heart.

Day 5

Shillong - Day Visit to Krang Suri & Laitlum Canyon

Over night stay at Shillong

The adventure-filled day is coming up. Our journey to Laitlum Canyon will be accompanied by spinning fog. The views, which showed hills and valleys and will give the impression that we are on the edge of the earth, will be magnificent. We're going to the Krang Suri Waterfall in Jowai later. The sunshine glinted on the blue waters, capturing the charm of the moment.

Day 6

Shillong to Cherrapunjee - Transfer via Mawlynnong, Dawki

Over night stay at Cherranpunjee

We're going to head out of Shillong and towards Mawlynnong Village. The settlement will appear unaltered by the passage of time, and the air will be freshen. The natives will greet us with warm, sincere smiles. We are going to traverse the Single Decker Root Bridge, whose old roots offer proof of the durability of the natural world. later, as we drove in the direction of Dawki, the Umngot River became visible. Its glistening waters called to us, and we would go boating there, the world above and below becoming one. Enjoy the views of Kyram Falls and Borhill Falls while traveling to Dawki.. We will head in the direction of Cherrapunjee after visiting these places.

Day 7

Cherrapunjee - Fulllday Sightseeing

Over Night Stay At Cherrapunjee

We started our exploration of Cherrapunjee. Secrets waited to be discovered in this misty and mysterious world. We're going to the Seven Sisters Falls first. Water cascaded over the cliffs, forming white veils. Every autumn had a name derived from a day of the week, and collectively, they performed a symphony of wind and water. We will then travel to the Nohkalikai Falls. A legend of the bereaved mother and the leap into the abyss lingered in the air. With the deep blue pool below, the falls plummeted from a height. We entered the Arwah Cave, which was obscured by plants. It was damp and cold inside.

Day 8

Cherrapunjee to Guwahati - Transfer and Guwahati Sightseeing

Over Night Stay At Guwahati

We say our goodbyes to Cherrapunjee. The people of Guwahati will welcome us with open arms. The region was rich in mythology and history, with tales of gods and goddesses permeating the atmosphere. After reaching will visit the Guwahati markets such patan bazar, fancy market. We checked into our hotel just as the sun was setting.

Day 9

Guwahati - Local Sightseeing

Over night stay at guwahati

The Brahmaputra River was gilded as the sun rose above Guwahati. We would explore every nook and crevice of this historic city today—a painting rich with devotion and history. The Kamakhya Temple, located on Nilachal Hill, was our first destination. Of the 51 Shakti Pithas, its antique stones revealed secrets. After that, we took a boat to Umananda Island, sometimes called Peacock Island. The Umananda Temple, devoted to Lord Shiva, was situated here. We proceeded to the Balaji Temple, a contemporary masterpiece that resembles the well-known Tirupati Venkateswara Balaji Temple in the South. As the day progressed, we went to the Assam Zoo. Over 900 different kinds of animals, birds, and reptiles flourished within its magnificent forest cover

Day 10

Guwahati to Guwahati Airport

Transfer back

Finally, the day had arrived for our bittersweet farewell to the North East. The temples, the rivers, the forests—we stuffed them into our minds. Travelers bustled through the hotel lobby, their eyes reflecting the voyage.

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Unveil the beauty of iconic landmarks, relish gourmet delights, and be pampered with impeccable hospitality. Reserve your passport to unforgettable moments

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