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North East Tour Plan

Discover the captivating journey to the northeast. Discover Shillong, dubbed the "Scotland of the East," and be in awe of Umiam Lake. Explore Mawlynnong, the cleanest village in Asia, and Cherrapunjee's amazing sights. Make the most of your last stop by seeing some of Guwahati's most famous sites.

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Day Itineraries

Day 1

Guwahati Airport/Kamakhya Railway station to Shillong - Transfer En-route Umiam Lake

Over Night Stay At Shillong

As the entryway to the enchanted Northeast, Guwahati, rise and shine! Take a lovely drive to Shillong, also known as the "Scotland of the East," after meeting your kind driver. Spin over green hills and take in the fresh mountain air, pausing to see the sparkling beauty of Umiam Lake. After arriving in Shillong, have a place in your cosy , and start your journey!

Day 2

Shillong - Fullday Sightseeing

Over Night Stay At Shillong

Explore the rich fabric of Shillong in depth. After scaling Shillong Peak for breath-taking vistas, take in the thunderous Elephant Falls that cascade into mist. Take a stroll around the tranquil Ward's Lake, take in Lady Hyderi Park's colonial elegance, and visit the Cathedral Church for spiritual comfort. Treasures from the Don Bosco Museum await, evoking historical legends. Return to your sanctuary when the sun sets, allowing Shillong's enchantment to permeate into your very being.

Day 3

Shillong to Cherrapunjee - Transfer

Over Night Stay At Cherrapunjee

Before we travel to Cherrapunjee today, we discover a few undiscovered gems. First, enter Asia's cleanest village, Mawlynnong, and allow yourself to be mesmerised by its unspoiled beauty. Explore its lush lanes, get to know the amiable Khasi people, and take in the views of the Sky Walk and Balancing Rock. View Bangladesh from a distance and then behold the magnificent Living Root Bridge, a work of nature's art that has been painstakingly weaved from time itself. Next, immerse yourself in the glistening Dawki River, take a boat ride through awe-inspiring scenery, and feel the sun kiss your skin. Take a moment to admire the Single Decker Root Bridge, which exemplifies the tenacity of nature.

Day 4

Cherrapunjee - Fulllday Sightseeing

Over Night Stay At Cherranpunjee

Cherrapunjee has a symphony of water waiting for you. Watch the Seven Sisters Falls, whose beautiful cascades dance in the wind, and paint the sky. Gaze in wonder at the formidable Nohkalikai Falls, which cascade into a mist-covered chasm. Explore the ethereal Arwah and Mawsmai Caves, where gloomy shadows reveal long-forgotten mysteries. As the day slowly ends, let Weisawdong Falls' exquisite spray sing you. The enchantment of Cherrapunjee will leave you speechless and craving more.

Day 5

Cherrapunjee to Guwahati - Transfer and Guwahati Sightseeing

Over Night Stay At Guwahati

Say goodbye to Cherrapunjee and set out for Guwahati, the bustling capital of Assam. Experience its rich tapestry after a picturesque drive. At the historic Kamakhya Temple, one of the 51 Shakti Pithas, ask for heavenly blessings. At the Shiva Temple on Umananda Island, where the Peacock Island whispers old stories, find peace. Admire the magnificence of Balaji Temple's architecture, which is a re-creation of the famous temple in the South. Come astray at the Assam Zoo, where more than 900 species graze among verdant surroundings. Tuck yourself in for the night in Guwahati's embrace as the city lights glitter.

Day 6

Guwahati Airport/Kamakhya Railway station to Guwahati – Transfer

Transfer Back

Saying goodbye to Guwahati, you will wake up with memories engraved in your heart. Together with your bags, your driver takes you back to the airport or train station, bringing with him the charm of the Northeast, the whispers of waterfalls, and the smiles of the locals. This isn't farewell; rather, it's a "see you soon," as the allure of these verdant hills and buried treasures will always beckon you back.

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Unveil the beauty of iconic landmarks, relish gourmet delights, and be pampered with impeccable hospitality. Reserve your passport to unforgettable moments

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Unveil the beauty of iconic landmarks, relish gourmet delights, and be pampered with impeccable hospitality. Reserve your passport to unforgettable moments

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